About Us

Livlicious is a socially-driven entertainment platform that allows you to find and share something to do! It is the home to hundreds of offers and inspirations shared by people like you.  Anybody can join and it's easy, rewarding and free to share.

Our Mission
We want to put the LIVE back in LIVING by making people aware of the fun activities and events around them.

Why share on Livlicious?
If you're already blogging or are writing reviews for websites like Urbanspoon, True Local, Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger, Weekendnotes etc, WHY NOT JOIN the Livlicious community? We GIVEAWAY prizes EVERY MONTH to our sharers and their voters (or vice-versa) because we appreciate our community and are not afraid to be generous towards them - honest!   Monthly prizes include an iPads, movie tickets, cafe vouchers, theatre tickets and much more. You don't have to be a professional writer either, just someone who's willing to share their experience, it's that SIMPLE.

How do I start sharing?
Just sign up and now start sharing! Our bubbly support team are here to help you with any problem. To learn more about sharing or offering something to do, visit our How it works page.