Yarra Valley Archery Park

November 01, 2014


Yarra Valley usually means wineries, mountainous views and river hikes but there's a little surprise that will provide a completely different experience in a small town called Launching Place.

And what a suitable name when we were there to visit Yarra Valley Archery Park. You might get confused by its location so make sure you know the address before you leave the house and have a non-phone GPS on the way, as we found phone reception a little off.

However, it will be easily identifiable with the archery targets at the front as you drive past.

For non-members the fun is understandably held indoors. It costs $20 per person per hour for adults and $15 for children, so not too expensive. I was new to the sport, not including the short dabble at school camps, and let's just say I wasn't the best at it!

We had a short demonstration of it from the staff but it was quick and casual. The idea for those who don't quite get the hang of it immediately is to keep practising and then you will get the feel of how far to pull back, where to aim etc. I did improve a little bit as time went on.

After some practising the staff let us know we could keep score depending on what colour ring of the target you land on. I guess I don't need to mention I didn't win!

Although indoors, it really is just undercover so it will be quite humid during summer. Just a warning if you bring the kids to bring water etc.

Eventualy we were the only people there and the staff decided to add to the fun by bringing out their zombie for us to shoot at. If you hit it in the right spot, some goo was supposed to come out on your arrow as you pull it out. Unfortunately that didn't happen for any of us.

We were only allowed one arrow each as the zombie is quite sensitive, but it was a fun concept and great idea from the staff. I hope they develop something out of the idea in the future.

It was a fun and different activity even though I wasn't great at it. I think you will still find it enjoyable whether you are good at it or not, but you also might end up with a sore arm the next day!

Where: Don Road, Launching Place 3139
Cost: $15 children, $20 adults non-members (indoors), $10 Members (indoors/outdoors)
Contact: 03 5967 3323


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